Expertise in all phases of solar development.


If you have open land or an empty rooftop, GreenKey Solar can help you lower costs and drive revenue through solar energy. We work with landowners and strategic partners to successfully bring projects from the “GreenField” (zero solar infrastructure) stage to fully operational and revenue- producing systems. This includes due diligence, relationship building with utilities and capital partners, construction project management, and subsequent asset management.


Is your company already involved in solar? We know it’s a growing and rapidly-changing industry. Companies often need help during these busy times. The GreenKey team has experience providing customized consulting services for our clients including financial modeling analyses, due diligence, M&A advisory, transaction management, and contract negotiation.


We have developed a robust professional network over the past several years in the solar industry. If you are looking to acquire or sell an existing development asset or operating asset, we would be happy to tap our network to find you the right partner to make a deal. Your success is our success, as we all strive to bring clean, renewable energy to more communities around the country.


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) saves organizations money and reduces risk by locking in a supply rate that is predictable and lower than utilities and brokers can typically provide. In a PPA, GreenKey builds, owns, and operates the solar system, while the customer hosts the system on their property and buys the energy output for a set rate and period of time. PPAs require no upfront cost or ongoing maintenance - just a desire and commitment to use local, clean, and less expensive energy.


Community Solar allows residential and commercial customers to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without installing panels on their own property. Participants subscribe to a local solar farm, and in return receive savings on their bill and the environmental attributes created by their project. Landowners can lease unused land to GreenKey Solar to host a project, providing new revenue and the opportunity to reduce energy costs for both the landowner and the community.

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